Many of our coats are unlined including The Classic Coat. We use double- faced 30% cashmere & 70% merino wool which is one of the softest, most luxurious fabrics. It is specially woven with two “right” sides, or faces, so that the wearer feels the ultrasoft fibre both on the inside and out. We find that there is minimal difference to the warmth of the coat when it is lined.
Once an item is available to pre-order, you can place your order and checkout as normal. We have a set amount of pre-orders available and you will be able to place your order until it is sold out.


All pre-orders require payment in full when the order is placed.


All pre-orders will have an estimated shipping date in the description. Pre-order shipping times are an estimate and may be subject to change. Please check our PRE- ORDER page for updates on shipping timeframes. We will do our absolute best to get your item(s) to you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately we are unable to do custom orders.
We are unable to provide any alterations to tailoring to our coats.
We do not offer discount codes for new customers due to our low mark ups on our products. We are committed to providing honest prices to make luxury items affordable.
Our pricing varies from each region due to the conversion rates, VAT & taxes.
We currently have a very small team and will do our best to respond within 24-48 hours. During busy periods our responses may take a bit longer. Thank you for your patience! Please also note our team are available Monday – Friday. On occasion our responses may also end up in your junk/spam inbox.
Please e-mail our customer care team at and we can check if your details are correct and resend you the confirmation e-mail.
We are so sorry if you experience this! It can be very common for the coat/blazer to become slightly wrinkled during transit. We recommend letting the coat hang naturally or alternatively you can steam the coat/blazer with a garment/hand steamer and the wrinkles should smooth out very easily!
We have found this the most cost efficient way to ship the teddies due to the weight so that we don't have to increase our shipping fee. If your teddy coat/jacket has arrived in a vacuum bag, please allow it to hang and fluff up naturally. Alternatively, you can also use a garment steamer to smooth out the wool.